The minimum wage is a scam


There are plenty of articles on this topic, this one is just my contribution to the topic.

The minimum wage is a scam, it puts people out of work, increases the cost of living for everyone & destroys small businesses, creating monolithic monopolies. It also creates millions of wage slaves who are entirely expendable with no rights.

The minimum wage puts people out of work:

The minimum wage removes the right & freedom for an individual to make an agreement upon what is fair and what is not in regards to payment of wage. It is in no way fair that I am forbidden from working for less than the minimum wage and that I and my employer could be imprisoned for doing so.

In regards to fairness, the minimum wage has NOTHING TO DO WITH WORKERS RIGHTS; it has nothing to do with preventing slavery and ensuring safety. The minimum wage is wholly unfair. Government must be there to prevent issues, doing so when they arise. Government is there to ensure freedom & liberty, by preventing people from restricting others freedom & liberty. Hence why murder is illegal. We should have laws which ensure a minimum safety standard, defined proportionately, such as making respiratory equipment mandatory when workers deal with materials defined harmful to respiratory function – because if we did not make it mandatory then this minimum standard of safety would become a business decision which would place the burden upon workers to jeopardise their own safety, and workers would be forced to do so as part of an economic decision. This minimum standard of safety must be ensured, as it is reflective of society upon what is acceptable. It may have previously been acceptable that one take such risk and endure such harm when the technology did not exist, but given the menial cost of protection it should be expected, and they only way to ensure such things are to legislate for them, but this is merely a minimum standard of what is acceptable and what is not. It is not for us to nanny and restrict, for instance forcing people to wear hi-vis everywhere.

Anyway, back to the point. Fairness. It is by no means fair to restrict the freedom to choose what one works for, or for how long (except in the case of safety – i.e. restricting consecutive working hours operating a truck without a break).

What the minimum wage does is then puts people out of a job. It puts those out of a job who were happy working for this wage. It then puts up prices for everyone, because you are now paying a disproportionate, artificially inflated amount for the services you purchase. If somebody wants to work for £1 an hour then let them, it is their choice. It has nothing to do with slavery or workers rights, as I’m sure some will scream. The abolition of the wage slave minimum wage does not mean we abolish workers rights. It does not mean people can be forced to work for low wages, if anything this is what the minimum wage does. It destroys small businesses because they now cannot compete due to this artificial inflation of wages, this results in jobs being outsourced to monopolistic companies, often in an entirely different country, which further increases prices by reducing the country’s economic buying power.

An increase in wage means nothing, if it is that your living costs increase with it. Anybody who says ‘it increases wages’ or it ‘reduces living costs’ independently are selling you a lie. It is about the income:living cost ratio. What is your income relative to your living costs. Your income may be £10 an hour, but if your living costs have increased 200% relative to this wage increase then you are worse off, and this is what the minimum wage does. As now these monopolistic monoliths increase prices everywhere, they restrict supply, skilled labour becomes few and far between and ‘specialist’ and therefore expensive. For the millions of those now on the minimum wage they are totally expendable. There are now millions unemployed because of the minimum wage, making them easily replaceable. They are being paid over the odds for their work, giving them no leverage with their employer, no competitiveness. The minimum wage does not put food on people’s table, it does not increase anyone’s net earnings, not even those who earn more then they would, because it is only taken straight back out of their pocket when they go to buy food & clothes from the same firms that enslave them. People become de facto forced to work in firms which they dislike, whether or not they follow the working rights laws, because there are no other firms to work for.

The minimum wage has nothing to do with safety or basic rights. It has everything to do with greedy people, with greedy morons who think they can earn more for nothing, and with greedy individuals who run the monopolies who enslave those on the minimum wage. The minimum wage is a scam.

On the topic: The scam of modern employment law.

Having written about the minimum wage, it seems only fitting to write about the other various farces that form the modern employment laws.

Along with the wage-slave law, the minimum wage. In the UK we have many other laws that create this modern day wage-slavery.

Those that force employers to pay months of ransom sick pay

that criminalise those who punish those who do not actually work for them – i.e. the right to strike, yes you do have the right to strike, but what you do not have is the right to strike & stay in employment.

That force mothers into work by subsidising it through maternity leave & tax breaks & other various ‘benefits’.

Etc, etc.

Put simply, employment laws, as with all else, should prevent unfairness, not enforce it.

Our employment laws should focus on the minimum standard of safety, interfering political organisations such as unions should be abolished, the only unions we should have should focus purely on the safety of workers within their relevant sectors, all other disputes should be handled within the company & if the worker doesn’t agree then they can leave such company, and because we haven’t created monolithic monopolies, they can just as easily, if they possess the skills, join another company. This way, if companies are scummy they will not survive, unlike in this current wage-slavery system.

Our employment laws should prevent people being forced to work, again in regards to safety.

Our employment laws must not:

mandate what workers can and cannot be paid

mandate when workers can and cannot work (unless in regards to safety)

mandate who can and cannot be employed (unless in regards to safety, i.e. paedophiles in nurseries)

nanny what can and cannot be done, restricting both employers & employees, when it offers no real benefit to safety (i.e. forcing people to wear hi-vis absolutely everywhere).

Our employment laws must:

ensure all workers basic safety is mandatory (respirators when handling materials harmful to respiratory function).

Ensure no worker is forced to do anything, (by forced I mean actually forced to, not ‘I don’t want to work, I’m striking, you can’t fire me).

So for all you thinking a higher minimum wage, or the minimum wage at all will make your life better, think again, it won’t & it doesn’t.


YOU are mentally ill


I write this article on the topic of what has become an oxymoronic term in all its connotations, that being – ‘mental health’.

If one does not have the means available to fulfil one’s knowledge, then it seems only logical to spread the knowledge in the hope that one day a body with the means can employ it.

The accompanying picture to this article is from the video game: ‘we happy few’, this is significant to the point, particularly drawing parallels of ‘downers’ to modern day ‘mentally ill – patients’. I seldom write pieces for public viewing, wholly owing to my lengthy & boring writing style. Further, as stated above, I’m neutral as to whether or not you agree and worship these opinions, just the same as if you choose to disagree and loathe them – I am willing to change them entirely, should somebody explain to me a better way of thinking which will bring about a better consistent long-term outcome – as with everything.

Anyway, back to the point – ‘mental health’. I resent this term in all its vague undefined meaning in common propagandist discourse, for what it really represents is modern dehumanisation, the unpersoning of people.

‘Mental health’ can be abstracted, as a function of the current ‘progressive(slavery is freedom)’ regime(s – Western Europe (particularly) & beyond), the processes which it executes (or can be seen that it is a process within these following functions, it would do it injustice to say for example that mental health is the only process executed in the abolishment of responsibility for actions):

Step 1: Place people into boxes, which thus makes people easy to control – one can create new boxes, redefine which boxes are ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ – to do this however requires removing ones responsibility for their own actions.

Step 2: You can now dehumanise whoever you wish to by placing them in ‘undesirable’, ‘unhealthy’ boxes, thus allowing you to do whatever you want to them – which is the ultimate goal in preventing dissent and destruction of this current oppressive system, total control. This has changed from ‘No Dogs, No Jews’ to a tone all too reminiscent of ‘take your Joy – report Downers, they are in need of (((help)))’.

In regards to ‘mental health’ and step 1, this is seen in the UK prominently throughout the propagandist media & the ‘justice’ system. Criminals are reported as ‘mentally ill’, nearly every story eradicates the notion that one can control their own actions, referencing some newly concocted ‘disorder(the term in itself should tell you all you need to know, disorderly to whom?)’. It today goes as far as to people being given reduced sentences, or none at all – just to reinforce this ideological farce.

In regards to Step 2, those who are considered a threat to the state, (or in many cases happen to annoy persons within the state who hold the power to dehumanise them within this system), are consistently unpersoned, and quite literally vanished. Human Rights, as I think most conceive them, do not exist in the UK. Anybody, at anytime, can be locked up with ‘reduced human rights for their own safety (take your Joy, downers)’. With only two signatures you can be locked up for two weeks, forced into an environment where you have no rights, and there is virtually nothing you can do about it. Any appeals processes are null and void (I won’t even bother going into all the flaws with the procedures & laws surrounding them) given that you de facto have no Human Rights in these ‘hospitals(seriously, take your Joy)’ I have no doubt it has gone on & still goes on that people ‘of sane mind’ are forced into these places, and without need to break any laws or breach any of their (non-existent) rights then have psychoactive substances forced into them, thus ensuring they reside there as long as those in control want.

We see the lack of responsibility for ones actions pushed in other places other than mental Health. But I thought it important to inform persons potentially unknowing of the true meanings behind this term, as there are many who resent so many other of these Orwellian terms, yet consistently use phrases such as ‘(enter disorder here) disorder’, ‘they’re mentally ill, they need ‘help’’.

It seems the majority of people have no idea what these terms really mean. This is the only reason I have written this article. There are many other topics on which I see what I consider to be obvious (if one bothers to think for oneself), but that is because they are so widely discussed that I do not bother to write articles on them. In regards to this topic, I have only come to write this article as I have experienced first-hand the atrocities committed under the guise of this dehumanisation that is ‘mental health’, and when I come to think of it I probably wouldn’t have thought, as most seem not to, otherwise if I had not been forced to experience such.

I must re-iterate, that anybody in the UK can for de facto any reason be locked up with de facto no rights, for at-least 2 weeks, and in reality indefinitely.

I have focussed more on the current implementation of this sadistic ideology in the UK, I want to focus more on the wider ideology and the utter stupidity of it.

The idea that we do not control our own actions is a very, very dangerous one. Because that is what ensures, it is itself responsibility, and thus what creates accountability. If we have no responsibility, we have no accountability, or rather those in-charge of this system hold no accountability to what they have created. The idea that someone does not control their own actions is dangerous, as we see, because it exempts them from responsibility for their actions, as we see, for instance in the committal of crimes – criminals literally walk free under this ideology.

Furthermore this ideology can only be a means to an ends of dehumanisation.

Because I put it to you, that you are mentally ill.

“No I’m not, that’s absurd” – I hear you utter

Well, by what logic is it absurd? Can you prove to me that you are not mentally ill?

“Can you prove to me that I am mentally ill?” – Well, yes quite, you have been exhibiting symptoms of irrationally curious disorder, which is very worrying and you must get treatment.

“I don’t need treatment” – Well, you cannot control your own actions, the treatment will help this.

I might add, as already mentioned, you need no ‘disorder’ to be locked up, you can be locked up for compulsory ‘assessment’, in which you are treated as if you have a disorder. Guilty until proven innocent.

I am sure there will be the bigoted morons who utter ‘Well you would say this because you’re probably mentally ill’, have you not just dehumanised me and avoided any actual debate and proper debate of the ideology set about here, proving you are guilty of exactly what I am proposing you are?

If it must be known, I have no ‘diagnosed – coming on to this point*’ ‘disorders’ or ‘mental illnesses’ or any other such, and take no ‘medication’ for any issue whatsoever. You might also like to know though that I have witnessed young teenage girls, who have been raped, drugged to sleep for merely daring to answer back to mental ‘hospital’ Gestapo.

Furthermore, as you might have already deducted from above, there is no objectivity in diagnosis, there is no science. For the simple reason that you cannot tell me, or anybody else, what I, or anybody else is thinking, ever. For instance, you have no idea whether somebody is lying or acting to make you think they are ill in this system, maybe to get in to break somebody out, or maybe (as has happened, and continues to) to reduce their criminal sentence at court. And to all the bigots and lobbyists who claim there is objectivity, it is as objective as saying we should lock up people who are of a brown skin colour because statistically black people in the UK commit more crime (proportionally), thus being of a brown skin colour is an ‘objective (by the bigots and lobbyists logic)’ measure of illness (because crime is not down to committal of actions by responsible persons, it’s an illness, a ‘disorder’) .

What I think is also entirely overlooked, and arguably the most important point, is that, once all this pseudo-science nonsense has achieved a ‘diagnosis’, what are you going to do? And this should be the blatantly obvious proof that this ‘mental health’ bollocks is merely a system to dehumanise & control. Every action is done for a reason, regardless of whether or not you can understand or comprehend that reason, there is a reason, even it the reason itself is an attempt to prove that things can be done for no reason, that is a reason. This might just lead one to ask, what is the point in categorising people by ‘mental illness’? Now we’ve established that all mental illness ‘disorders’ are merely pseudo-science common vague infinitely definable traits, which can be equally faked/spoofed by those undergoing these ‘objective’ tests/diagnoses. Looking objectively, as we should, we ask why is this? Maybe there’s a reason that the political elite can put us into boxes, which they have total control over creating, destroying & entirely defining. The categorisation alone can’t be that bad, if they’re only identifying people, I’m sure.

Well that’s the thing, it’s not just categorisation, as nothing ever is. It is categorising people rather more simply than x y or z or bloody 123 disorder, is quite binary – say 1 being orderly, 0 being disorderly, therefore undesirable, a downer. And of course downers need ‘treatment’.

I can understand people’s stupidity or ignorance, given the mass-indoctrination of the UK –


Because, if anything is the most important point maybe this is – can unhappiness, from being raped, from the death of a spouse, from losing your job, can it be solved with psychoactive substances which are made to make you complicit?

If one has to define healthy and unhealthy, and therefore illness, then illness is something which impedes our ability to function properly & live happily. Arguably, through this abstract definition ‘mental illness’ and ‘mental health’ can be a term referencing unhappiness in someone’s mentality.

But ‘mental health treatment’ is not ‘treatment’ as we know it. If you want to solve unhappiness, if you have an issue in your life, if your daughter has been raped or whatever else it may be, and is cutting her own wrists, is getting her forcefully pumped full of drugs, is having her raped again going to solve those issues?

I resent the common uses and connotations, peoples real meanings behind the use of the terms mental health, and mental illness.

There was a support our troops, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress ‘Disorder’) march in London. And I commented that you might not refer to stress which occurs after trauma as a disorder. In this case I noted that by doing so you only further this narrative which in the end only gets troops put to the side, treated like shit & in the end ‘diagnosed’ and pumped full of drugs which only further make them unhappy. To this I am called a ‘troll’.

I inform people of many goings-on which I have experienced first-hand and am aware of, and they discuss with me, to absolutely no shock. Yet rather consistently when I mention my experiences & thoughts on ‘mental health’ they are shocked. Not that they disagree, but it is the shock/surprise, which in itself rather surprises me. How can somebody who discusses the subjects we do, the absolute horrors of this horrid little island, be so shocked at yet just another scandal. Because, so often they had no even thought of something so subtle in their day-to-day life, yet actually really rather a significant part, as to most things we’ve previously discussed.

This is why I write this, if I hadn’t hammered the point in already.

Anyway, onto the bit I’m sure, (if you have been reading) nobody will read, what do I suggest in regards to those who shout doolally down the street and eat their own shit?

Well in regards to ‘mentally ill’ criminals. They are criminals.

If someone needs help then help them, help is not drugging them up. But nonetheless it does not exempt them from their actions.

Simple principles, people are responsible for their own actions. If you abolish this is anyway way, however slight you abolish everything.

I don’t give two flying shits if they speak gibberish, that is it doesn’t exempt them from their actions. You treat anybody as any other, with the common principle that they control their own actions. There will be some people which you never understand, don’t talk of cruelty to me in regards to being ‘inhumane’ to those when in actual fact maybe they think you don’t understand them. My point being, nobody should ever be exempt from their actions, ever.

This does not eradicate mitigating circumstances, but it must be exhumed from any principle that mitigating circumstance was ‘they can’t control their own actions’.

So what should I do about my daughter who cuts herself? Maybe, just maybe, instead of addressing secondary issues which are the cutting of your daughter, ask her why these secondary issues have occurred, thus getting to the bottom of the problem, the primary issue, which you have clearly overlooked or been ignorant of as this is a secondary issue. Drug ‘em up all you like, it’s a secondary issue.

I wish I could say we don’t drug up kids who are different, but oh wait, we do. (((ADHD)))


No Dogs. No Jews.

No Dogs. No Downers.

I am happy, and looking forward to discussing with those who disagree. But if you are one of the bigots or lobbyists who expresses the already rebutted points I have specified above, I will only refer you back to them.